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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Hi all, I’m I am a Mother of two beautiful boys and a wife of a retired Australian Veteran.

Army life was good, until the Deployments and home-coming . I could handle all the trainings. But deployments and Homecoming for our Australian Veterans and Australian Veteran Families is on another scale, a scale that only, selected few families can relate to.

When was the last time you took a look around and thought, “My life is exactly the way I want it. I hope nothing changes.” Chances are you have a few things you’d like to change. And that’s a good thing! If you’ve ever dreamed about creating a life that hugs you like the perfect pair of yoga pants from Target, you’re in the right place.

On this blog, I hope to relate to other people in the same situations as mine or similar, doesn’t just have to be military—whether it’s creating a relationship with you and your family or conquering problems that we all go through like building a rock-solid marriage and quality family life.

Our Military families not only have the visible wounds of war but also the unseen wounds and hidden suffering. This does not just include the veteran themselves, but the partners/wives and more importantly the children.

Families of veterans and those still serving face a unique set of challenges. When your parents or partners are in the military, you don’t live in a particular place, you’re posted to different locations all over Australia, every couple of years. Your parents don’t go on business trips, they’re deployed to war zones, often for months and months on end with minimal contact. Many also return home with both visible and hidden wounds of war, or not at all!

Our country is facing a real shortage in support for these families that have sacrificed everything for the freedom of our country and those we sent our troops to fight for. I have set goals at raising awareness and support to make our Military Families feel appreciated for the sacrifices they have made.

Suicide rates for serving military personnel and veterans are likely to have been underestimated, says an ex-serviceman working with Australian Defence Force (ADF) members who have been wounded, injured or got sick from serving.

Recent unofficial figures from a Herald Sun investigation of suicide among serving military and veterans suggested that as many as 50 ADF personnel have killed themselves this year, more than the 41 who died over 13 years in the Afghanistan conflict.

Please contact me with any ideas or assistance you be able to offer in order to help me achieve my goals to support for our families.

Thank you again, acts of kindness are greatly appreciated.

Lauren Hodges

Myself, My husband Bruce and our two Boys Kenneth and Jackson On ANZAC day 2018

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